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About The Instructor -

Robert Lemon performs the English Horn Solo in Sibelius's
"The Swan of Tuonela" with the Landon Symphonette

Robert Lemon, a native of South Florida, received his Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Miami, where he studied oboe with John Dee and the late Julien Balogh.  Mr. Lemon has also studied with Mark Hill and the late Sara Watkins at the University of Maryland.  He has performed as a soloist internationally with the University of Yucatan Chamber Orchestra in Merida, Mexico where he performed both J.S. Bach’s Concerto in c minor (BWV 1060) and the oboe d’amore Concerto in A major (BWV1055).  He also has performed the J.S. Bach oboe d’amore Concerto with the Miami Bach Society.  Mr. Lemon has held principal positions in the Ft. Pierce Opera, South Florida Symphony, and Miami Bach Society Orchestra, and has held 2nd Oboe/ English Horn positions with the Miami City Ballet Orchestra, Miami Chamber Symphony and Orchestra of Miami.  As a freelance musician in South Florida, Mr. Lemon performed with the Sadler’s Wells Royal Ballet Theatre, American Ballet Theatre, Harlem Ballet, Houston Ballet, Greater Miami Opera, Florida Philharmonic, London's Philharmonia, Italy's i solisti l'Aquillani and the Moody Blues.  In the Washington, D.C. & Baltimore areas, Mr. Lemon has performed with a variety of groups including the Washington Women’s Chorus, Maryland Boy’s Choir, Prince William Symphony, Maryland Symphony and others.  He has also performed with such Artist as Itzhak Perlman, James Galaway, Roberta Peters, Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, Mel Torme, Doc Sevrenson, Diahann Carroll, Bill Conti, and Marvin Hamlish.  Most recently, Mr. Lemon played the English Horn solo in Sibelius’s “The Swan of Tuonela” with the Landon Symphonette where he has played principal for the last 7 years, Albinoni's "Oboe Concerto Op. 9 No. 8" with the Landon Symphonette Chamber Orchestra's Summer program and Martinu's "Fantaisie" for Theramin, Oboe, Strings and Piano with Washington Musica Viva.  Presently Mr. Lemon is a freelance performing artist in Northern Florida and owner/manager of OboeStuff, LLC.

Robert Lemon performs Albinoni's "Oboe Concerto Op.9 No.8"
with the Landon Symphonette Chamber Orchestra



Oboe instruction is geared to meet each student's musical needs, training and experience.  Weekly lessons are recommended and discounts for 1 - 3 Months advance payments are available.  Students are required to purchase lesson materials, reeds and supplies (as required).  Instruction focuses on developing breathing, embouchure, fingering, rhythmic and articulation skills from beginning through advanced levels as well as developing a good practicing etiquette.

24 hour notice for cancellation is required (unless emergency) or you will be charged for the lesson.



Per Lesson: (pay as you go)
1 hour $30.00
Advanced Pay Discounts
4 - 1 Hour Lessons   (One Month) Regular Price $ 120.00     Discount Price  $ 118.00
8 - 1 Hour Lessons   (Two Months) Regular Price $ 240.00     Discount Price  $ 230.00
12 - 1 Hour Lessons (Three Months) Regular Price $ 360.00     Discount Price  $ 340.00
Recommended Method Books

Beginning Level
Rubank Elementary Method
Rubank. Inc., publisher

Gekeler Method for Oboe, Book 1
Warner Brothers Publications, publisher

Intermediate Level
A. Andraud
Practical & Progressive Oboe Method
Southern Music Co., publisher

Rubank Intermediate Method
Rubank. Inc., publisher

Gekeler Method for Oboe, Book 2
Warner Brothers Publications, publisher

Barret Oboe Method
Boosey & Hawkes, publisher

Nieman Method for Oboe
Carl Fisher, publisher

Advanced Level
A. Andraud
Practical & Progressive Oboe Method
Southern Music Co., publisher

Rubank Advanced Vol. I - II
H. Voxman, publisher

Barret Oboe Method
Boosey & Hawkes, publisher

Nieman Method for Oboe
Carl Fisher, publisher


Exercises, Scales and Studies

Brandaleone 12 Studies for Oboe
Ricordi, publisher

Scales & Arpeggios
Boosey & Hawkes, publisher

48 Famous Studies
Southern Music Company, publisher

G. Pares Daily Exercises and 
Scales for Oboe
Carl Fischer, publisher

Excerpt Collections

Rothwell Difficult Passages for Oboe 
and English Horn
Boosey & Hawkes, publisher

A. Andraud  Vade Mecum of the Oboist
Southern Music Co., publisher




Reed Making Sessions -
(approximately 2+ hours)
$75.00 per Individual (Private/Semi-private Session)
$60.00 per Individual for group of 3 or more (limited number of participants)
Beginning Reed Making is recommended for advanced beginners and/or Intermediate students.  Reed making session includes a demonstration of the reed making process (from the selection of tube cane through tying and scraping reeds).  Each student receives a finished reed at the end of the session.  [Basic supplies cost about $90.00 - $120.00 and are required to be purchased before the session.]
Saturday/Sunday Reed Making Tutoring
$30.00 per Individual (Private/Semi-private Session)
$25.00 per Individual for group of 3 or more (limited to maximum of 5 participants per session)
These pre-scheduled reed making sessions are designed to help students with various reed making challenges.  Topics include knife sharpening, reed tying, reed scraping, special topics like English Horn reed construction and issues related to the reed making experience.  Each session is 1 hour long (may be extended 1/2 hour as needed).  Please purchase required supplies before the beginning of the session.  Contact Mr. Lemon for the next available session.                                  ***Appointment must be made at least 1 week prior to the session***
      24 hour notice for cancellation is required (unless emergency) or you will be charged for the session.

Reed Making Demonstrations at Franklin Band & Orchestra Camp in Chantilly, VA/Reed Making Master Class at Private Home (participants at Master Class take home a reed finished for their horn).

Reed Making Master Class (by special arrangement)
Reed making Master Classes include a demonstration of making reeds from selecting tube cane to finishing a reed.  Basic Reed structure, properties and function of the parts of the reed will be presented.  It is recommended students take notes of the presentation.  Some printed materials including diagrams will be provided.  Participants should bring their own basic reed making tools and supplies for the student reed making portion of the class.  The Master Class uses demonstration, lecture, hands-on participation, question & answer and discussion formats.
Recommended Oboe Reed Making Books 

Jay Light The Oboe Reed Book
Drake University, publishers

Weber The Reed Makers Manual
F. Capps & D. Weber, publishers

David Ledet Oboe Reed Styles Theory and Practice
Indiana University Press, publishers


Reed Making Tool Kits (typical contents)

Basic Beginners Tool Kit
Tool Case Roll
Rigotti Razor Knife
Cutting Block
Flat Steel Plaque
Rigotti Oboe Mandrel
10 Pieces Shaped Cane
5 Deluxe Brass 47mm Staples
One Spool Reed Winding Thread
Bees Wax
Thread Sealer
Small Ceramic Sharpening Stone - Fine
Plastic Ruler
Small Fish Skin

Additional Items Used by more Advanced Reed Makers
Rigotti Bevel Knife
Landwell Razor Knife - Hard
Ceramic Bench Stones -
    Medium, Fine & Ultra-Fine
Ceramic Sticks
Reed Drying Rack
Calipers with Radius Gauge
Pre-gouging and Gouging Machines
Cane Splitter



For beginners the best option is to rent an oboe.  Most rental instruments are plastic instead of wood (which can easily crack).  If the student looses interest in the oboe, you will have avoided making a significant investment in an instrument.  Some renters also will allow you to rent with the option to buy and/or upgrade the instrument to a better instrument if the student should continue playing, applying the rent paid towards the purchase price.  Ask before you sign any contract.

Recommended Brands for Rent




There are many different choices for purchasing an intermediate to advanced level Oboe.  These oboes have a complete key system with all the extra trill keys, left-hand F key, and low Bb key.  These instruments are available in plastic, wood lower joint/ plastic upper joint or all wood construction.  Just because an instrument is made of wood does not mean it is the best quality or condition.  Consult with your instructor before making any purchase.   Most instrument dealers will allow you to try an instrument (with payment) and return it within 7 to 10 days for another selection if you are unsatisfied (extra shipping will be incurred).    Most of the time it is cheaper to buy a used instrument.  Ask your instructor for suggestions on prices and availability.  Used and New prices vary greatly.

Recommended Brands for Purchase
Buffet (Greenline with Loree AK bell)

(Some of these brands offer student models in addition to their professional models, consult with your instructor to select appropriate model)




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